At the beginning of this article, we need to be clear, and there isn’t some magic that you can do that will certainly seal the deal for you. We can only give you a few pieces of advice to you that might help you with your negotiating skills and indirectly influence your sale closings.

Improve your negotiation skills

Improving negotiation skills and conversation with your clients might help you achieve better results in your line of work. Acknowledge your customers‘ wishes and try to solve their problems. Here are some tips that might help you close more sales than you did before.

1. In your opinion.

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If you notice your client has some worries about your case, you should always ask him if there is something that worries him/her. Try adding the phrase “In your opinion” to the question. For example¬† “In your opinion, will this solve the problem?”. This way, your client will know what you have in mind and even if he doesn’t think likewise, it is only an opinion. Acknowledging customers’ views can be crucial for the further recommendation and your reputation.

2. Add a little something

When you say “If we seal the deal now, I will throw you … in at no charge” it doesn’t only sound attractive, but it really is. Most of the clients will close the deal right that moment. And really, who doesn’t want to get something for free?

3. Pros and Cons

Making a pros and cons list is an excellent way to decide what you really want, no matter what it is. If you use it as your closing argument, make a customer’s pros and cons list and seal the deal when you see more pros than cons.

4. Level with me

Phrase “level with me” carries some magic with it just like the “sentence in my opinion.” Clients often say they need more time for thinking and that certainly isn’t good for you. When this happens, use the dominant line and mention your previous work and effort then shut up. The answer will come quickly, and it will probably be a positive one.

5. Direct Close line

If it seems like the answer will be affirmative, use a straightforward and direct yes or no question. “So, Mister will you place the order?” is a great line, respectable and simple, and if you ask it in a pleasant tone, you will seal the deal in the blink of an eye.


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